Structure - developing charity structure
Developing and maintaining a robust charitable structure

A key element of an effective charity is developing and maintaining a robust charitable structure.

Charity Start Up

The first thing is to decide how your charity should be set up as a legal entity.  There are options such as a registered charity or a community interest company.  A charity also needs to consider how it is going to organise its work to achieve its objectives; who will do which job and what are the reporting lines, for example.

Synergies offers a free one-hour charity start up consultationAs part of the package we will review with you: 

  • What you plan to do;
  • Discuss/recommend the best legal framework for your charity;
  • Discuss/make recommendations for the charity’s organisational structure.

Synergies‘ experience can provide invaluable insight.  If you wish to have more information about our free one hour consultation click here to send an email or call 07831 846760.

Structure review – using Synergies’ experience

As a charity develops there may be a need to change the structure to ensure it remains effective.  Taking decisions such as employing a member of staff when previously everyone has been a volunteer, employing more staff or increasing the management structure can be challenging.   Synergies has considerable experience which can be used to help deliver creative and future-proof solutions.  We will also help you to consider the wider effect of structural changes and suggest ideas as to how they can be introduced.  

Management / Trustees Board 

Many charities have a trustee or management board as part of it governance.  Synergies can provide help to develop and maintain an effective board, for example, trustee training and board development sessions.  We can also provide advice and support on a range of governance issues.

To discuss your needs further click here to send an email or call 07831 846760.