Charity management
Charity Management

Effective charity management is the key to achieving the charity’s objectives.  Synergies’ practical experience and up to date academic knowledge is shared with all its clients.  We deliver tailored consultancy advice and practical managerial solutions.

Diagnosing and solving problems 

A problem for many charities is to have the capacity to stand back and take an objective view of the charity as a whole or analyse parts within.  In smaller charities it is common that  staff become closely identified with its work.  Reviewing impact can be hard and may not be objective.  In addition, any criticism may feel personal.  We work in partnership with our charity clients and this approach  helps to overcome these problems and produce practical, effective solutions.  We also work hard to ensure the charity gains knowledge and is equipped to seek its own solutions in similar areas. 


Leadership is an important component of management.  Leading a charity can be lonely and challenging.  We are able to work with leaders to build their leadership capability and confidence whether through training and mentoring or delivering leadership programmes.  

Managing Change

Every charity has its own way of getting things done; its culture and climate.  Culture and climate is made up of shared values, implicit assumptions and ways of working and they also influence how individuals’ perceive, think about and react at work.  Managing change often means changing culture and climate.  Conversely, how a charity manages and delivers change is influenced by its culture and climate.  Charity employees will all respond to change differently.  So planning and delivering change effectively is a major managerial challenge and opportunity.

Synergies experience and knowledge can help to plan and implement deliver organisational change.  We have a strong role in supporting charities which lack resources or expertise to develop and deliver a change programme.

Synergies is able to offer advice and support in a range of change services, for example:

  • Designing and implementing a change programme;
  • Developing a learning organisation;
  • Stimulating organisational innovation;
  • Culture and resistance to change analysis.

Measuring impact

Increasingly charities are being asked to demonstrate how their work not only meets the needs of their beneficiaries but also adds value.  Synergies has experience in impact measurement and will work with you to develop an effective, achievable programme.  Identifying impact enables charities to direct funds to those projects that make the biggest difference.  Impact measurement also enables an organisation to learn.  Key is to plan impact measurement at the design stage of a project There are many approaches to measuring impact and the right approach will vary according to the projects.  Examples of impact measurement methods are:

  • Outcome measurement;
  • Community change measurement;
  • Social return on investment (SROI);
  • Policy influence measurement.

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