charitiesStrong charity healthcare sector experience

Synergies has strong experience in the charity healthcare sector.  We have a particular interest in the provision of healthcare services supporting children, young adults and their families.  We work with clients to deliver effective programmes for their beneficiaries.  An integral part of programme development is to ensure impact is measured so funders can be reassured their money is well spent and the charity can learn and build on their success.  With the use of technology and social media imaginative information and support programmes can be developed.  Synergies is keen to work with project beneficiaries so they play a considerable role in shaping a programme.  We have experience of the following:

  • Stakeholder engagement and participation in project development and implementation;
  • Delivery and implementation of effective patient information;
  • Delivery and implementation of imaginative and effective emotional support services;
  • Delivery and implementation of innovative information services for children and young people;
  • Delivery and implementation of imaginative emotional support services for children and young people;
  • Delivery of patient stakeholder engagement including engaging with young people;
  • Development and management of medical and social research programmes;
  • Health awareness programmes;
  • Raising the profile of the charity and the impact of its work;
  • Working with the Department of Health;
  • Working with professional healthcare bodies and institutions;
  • Working in coalition with other charities.

Management in medical general practice

Synergies is also able to provide management consultancy to medical general practice.  Director, Catherine Arkley has undertaken research into team working in medical general practice as part of her Master’s degree in work and organisational psychology.

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