Developing and implementing charity strategies and plans

Many charities start from a need to provide a product or service that does not already exist. It may arise from a personal experience making the cause poignant.  Typically there is a surge of activity, particularly fundraising, at the start.  Over time there is the need to develop a sustainable organisation and this can be challenging.  Needs change over time and your charity may need to create new products and services as a result.  New charities may emerge undertaking similar work.  Strategic planning is essential to keep your charity viable and meet the needs of your beneficiaries.

The challenge of strategic planning in charities

Many small, medium and large sized charities work closely with their beneficiaries and their focus is on delivering important services to vulnerable people.  Frequently charities have little or no time or human and financial resources for strategic and tactical planning.  Yet strategic planning is essential for any charity to develop, grow and ensure their vital work continues.

Synergies’ experience can make a difference

At Synergies we understand the challenge of developing strategic planning in charities.  We can bring the additional knowledge and skills needed into your charity and enable it to flourish.  We recognise the tension between committing charitable funds to management rather than front line services.  We will never lose sight of your cause.   Synergies can help in a number of ways towards your strategic planning:

  • Undertake a charity review
    • A review looks at how your charity works and helps its beneficiaries.  It identifies your unique contribution in making a difference.  We would provide you with a report and recommendations.
  • Develop and facilitate stakeholder engagement programmes
    • In developing a strategic plan it is vital to hear the views of the charity’s stakeholders.  This ensures what you offer will meet the needs of your beneficiaries.
  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions 
    • A strategic plan needs to emerge from listening to the views of trustees and staff – voluntary and paid as well as beneficiaries and stakeholders.  Ensuring all voices are heard is vital and is a starting point to the team being committed to the ultimate plan.
  • Develop and implement strategical and tactical plans
    • Larger charities may have a management team which can implement plans but small and medium charities may need help with implementation.  Our approach is to work with our charity client so the organisation learns how to approach implementation in the future.

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