Conflict resolution in charities and organisationsOperations – Developing and combining human and other resources 

Charities are made up of individuals who, whether working alone or together, are a unique resource.  Their combined efforts contribute greatly to achieving the charity’s goals.  In operations developing and combining human and other resources is key.  Synergies’ experience and academic knowledge means we can deliver effective operational programmes including:

  • Team Building
    • Teams are important to achieve organisational growth and success.  We can deliver team building programmes and advise on putting together effective teams.  Teams do not always work together effectively.  We can help diagnose and resolve team problems.
  • Employee Engagement and performance enhancement programmes
    • There is considerable evidence to suggest that if employee goals can be lined up with those of the charity it is likely to lead to greater employee engagement, greater productivity and achievement of organisational goals.  We can put together a tailor made employee engagement programme.
  • Recruitment and selection
    • Recruiting and selecting the right people is critical to achieving operational success.  Synergies can undertake recruitment planning and preparation and deliver clear job descriptions and person specifications.  Working with an associate, Synergies is able to provide a full recruitment service.
  • Psychometric Testing 
    • Synergies provides fully trained psychometric testing.  Director, Catherine Arkley is a qualified British Psychological Society tester.  She will put together a tailored programme of aptitude, ability and personality testing to support selection, recruitment, team and personal development programmes.
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Conflict resolution is essential to maintain healthy employees and charity.  Most conflict takes one of two major forms; conflict surrounding tasks or conflict between individuals or within or between groups or teams, interpersonal conflict. Four in ten UK employees reported some form of interpersonal conflict in 2014 and that it had significant impact upon their well-being (CIPD2015). Conflict may result in reduced employee commitment and motivation which ultimately impacts upon performance.Conflict is not just a feature of larger organisations.  The problem for smaller organisations may be a lack of resources, expertise or time and, in some cases, an objective external view may provide a fresh look at the situation.  Synergies is able to offer advice and support in a range of conflict resolution services:
      • Developing and managing intervention strategies;
      • Developing and managing conflict resolution programmes;
      • Developing and implementing a culture change programme to reduce conflict
  • Volunteer Management
    • Many charities have volunteers who, whilst unpaid, are critical members of the workforce.   However, even unpaid, they must be motivated, led and managed.   We can develop volunteer management programmes to ensure volunteers deliver the charity’s objectives and in return the charity appreciates and acknowledges their vital contribution.

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